RITEC is pleased to announce the multi-award-winning DERAGGER II. The DERAGGER II is a retrofit, patented electric pump management system that  delivers real time monitoring to automatically eliminate wastewater pump blockages before they form.
Benefits include reduced operational costs, rapid payback, an improved environmental impact, and time saved from reactively dealing with blockages and ragging.


Key DERAGGER II Benefits:
• Eliminates blockages before they form
•  Typical payback in weeks                                                                                                                                                            
•  Simple plug and play to any starter type                                                                                                                    
•  Improves electrical efficiency
•  Full pump performance information
Cost Benefits
•  Eliminates reactive callouts
•  The wealth of remotely available diagnostic information means that operations can be centralized. It also reduces operator intervention
•  Proven reduction of energy consumption by up to 48% by ensuring maximum pumping efficiency


Before installation of DERAGGER II                                  After use of DERAGGER III