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Mark 50/501/502/51 -Self-Operated Back Pressure Regulator
The Mark 50 Sliding Gate Back Pressure Regulator is used to regulate upstream pressure at a predetermined setpoint.
Mark 52 Series – Internally Piloted Regulator

The Mark 52 internally piloted, back-pressure regulator is a specialty valve designed for critical application regulation in locations where space is limited.

Mark 53/54 Series – Differential Back Pressure

The Mark 53 maintains a constant differential between the inlet pressure and the pressure loaded on top of the diaphragm. It can be used for both differential and remotely adjusted applications.

Mark 56 Series – Air Loaded Back Pressure Regulator

The Mark 56 is a highly accurate and economical air loaded back-pressure regulator that provides regulation from a local or remote station. The operation of the Mark 56 requires no control spring or pilot.

Mark 57 Series – Externally Piloted Regulator

The Mark 57 pilot-operated, back pressure regulator is designed to accurately control pressure to 100% of its rated flow capacity with only a small deviation from the setpoint.

Mark 58 Series – Globe Style Back Pressure Regulator

The Mark 58 back pressure regulator features three ports: a bypass outlet on the bottom and two side ports which are directly connected to serve as dual inlets or as inlet and outlet for flow-through.

Mark 508 Series – Tank Blanketing Valve

The Mark 508 Gas Back Pressure Regulator is the ideal valve for low-pressure gas regulation. The Mark 508 works in conjugation with the Mark 608 in a low-pressure tank blanketing valve system.

Mark 518 Series - Double Seated Tank Blanketing

The Mark 518 is a back-pressure regulator for use in low pressure air and gas services. With a selection of six pressure ranges, set points can be chosen to control back-pressures from...