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Mark 60/601/602/61 Series - Sliding Gate Pressure Regulator
The Mark 60 Sliding Gate Pressure Regulator regulates the downstream pressure to a predetermined set point.
Mark 62 Series - Internally Piloted Regulator

The Mark 62 internally piloted pressure regulator is a specialty valve designed for critical application regulation in locations where space is limited.

Mark 63/64 Series – Differential Regulator
The Mark 63 is designed to maintain a constant differential between the pressure on the discharge side of the regulator and the signal pressure loaded on the diaphragm. The Mark 64 provides the same flow capacity as the Mark 63, but with less offset in controlled pressure due to a larger diaphragm.
Mark 65 Series - Vacuum Service Regulator
Jordan vacuum regulators control accurately and shutoff tightly to maintain the proper vacuum setting.
Mark 66 Series – Air Loaded Pressure Regulator

The Mark 66 is a highly accurate and economical air-loaded pressure regulator that provides regulation from a local or remote station. The operation of the Mark 66 requires no control spring or pilot.

Mark 67 Series – Piloted Sliding Gate Regulator
The Mark 67 Series is for critical pressure reducing applications. It provides greater accuracy and lower offset than can be achieved with a self-operated regulator.
Mark 68G Series – Globe Style Regulator

The Mark 68G is a self-operated globe style pressure reducing regulating valve. It offers high capacity, accurate regulation and easy servicing, making it an ideal choice for industrial pressure reducing applications.

Mark 68HP Series – High Pressure Regulator

The Mark 68HP is designed primarily for high pressure steam service commonly found in power plants, refineries, pulp & paper mills and other high pressure process applications.

Mark 608 Series – Low-Pressure Gas/Tank Blanketing Regulator

The 1-1/2" and 2" size Mark 608 valves are suitable for large tank blanketing applications or other low-pressure gas regulation.

Mark 608BP - Balanced Plug Regulator

The Mark 608BP Balanced Plug Gas Pressure Regulator is the ideal valve flow pressure gas regulation with higher inlet pressures.

Mark 608DS – Tank Blanketing Regulator

The Mark 608DS is a double-seated, self-operated gas regulator for use in tank blanketing applications.

Mark 608IS – Tank Blanketing/Low Pressure Gas Regulator

The Mark 608IS gas pressure regulator is ideal for low-pressure gas regulation. The self-contained, low-pressure gas regulator is for use on tank blanketing, gas meter inlet pressure regulating.

Mark 627 Series - Gas Service Regulator

The Mark 627 is a self-operated, pressure-reducing regulator that provides accurate regulation and tight shutoff on low or high-pressure systems. Use on air, natural gas, or a variety of other gases.

Mark 630 Series - Gas Service/High Pressure Regulator

The Mark 630 is a self-operated, pressure-reducing regulator that provides accurate regulation and tight shutoff on high-pressure gas systems. It handles inlet pressures up to 1500 psi (103,4 bar) for a variety of gases.

Mark 660 Series – High Capacity Air Loaded Regulator

The Mark 660 is a highly accurate, air loaded pressure regulator that provides regulation from a local station or from a remote station. The operation of the Mark 660 requires no control spring or pilot.

Mark 686 Series – Air Loaded Globe Regulator

The Mark 686 is a cage trim pressure-reducing valve that features air-loading, high capacities, accurate regulation, and easy servicing, making it an exceptional choice for pressure regulating applications.

Mark 687 Series - Piloted Regulator with Class VI Shutoff

The main valve of the Mark 687 is normally closed. The pilot valve is normally open, allowing the upstream pressure to move through the outlet port of the pilot valve to act on the bottom of the main valve diaphragm. This force pushes the stem upward, opening the main valve. The Mark 687 modulates between open and closed to maintain control.