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Mark 95 Series Back Pressure Regulator
A sanitary back pressure regulator available with a hard or soft seat and a variety of diaphragm and o-ring materials, making the valve well-suited for virtually any sterile back pressure application.
Mark 95AA Series - Air Augmented Back Pressure Regulator
Sanitary air augmented back pressure regulator with the same line sizes, CV choices, seats, low build up characteristics, and stability of the standard bolted bonnet Mark 95.
MK95FT Series - Back Pressure Regulator
MK95FT is a sanitary "flow through" back pressure regulator. The MK95FT can eliminate a portion of the by-pass line components by allowing the back pressure regulating valve to be installed in the primary line.
Mark 96 Series - Pressure Regulator
Sanitary pressure regulator designed to regulate pressure in systems requiring the maintenance of sanitary conditions.
Mark 96A Series - Air Load Pressure Regulator
Air loaded sanitary pressure reducing valve design to permit the user to change set points remotely via a cabinet/panel mounted air regulator or even through a distributed control system and an I-P transducer.
Mark 96AA Series - Air Augmented Pressure Regulator
Sanitary air augmented pressure regulator with the same line sizes, Cv choices, seats, low droop characteristics and stability of the standard bolted bonnet Mark 96.ark 58 Series – Globe Style Back Pressure Regulator.
Mark 96C Series - Pressure Regulator
Clamped body sanitary pressure regulator designed to regulated downstream pressure of process and utility applications in sanitary and aseptic systems.ark 60/601/602/61 Series - Sliding Gate Pressure Regulator.
Mark 978JD Series - Control Valve
Designed to meet the rigid specifications for sterile process and clean utility control valves. This valve series is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the, bio-pharmaceutical, parenteral, cosmetic, dairy and food and beverage industries.
JSB Series - Bio-Pharma Gas Regulator
Built originally for clean gas back pressure applications, the JSB design is hygienic enough for liquid Buffer, and USP Purifed water back pressure applications.
SG Series -Sight Glasses
In-line sight glasses are suitable for a wide range of ASME BPE applications in high purity tubing systems typically found in the pharmaceutical or bio-pharmaceutical industry.