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Level Ranger™ is a battery powered or solar-powered field ready level management system that includes data logging, and provides paperless recording & alarming for any of your key remote level process measurements. This system records months of data which is archived in a CSV file that can be retrieved remotely from any PC, smart phone, or smart tablet.

Level Ranger includes a “non-contact” 80 GHz compact radar transmitters with Bluetooth wireless technology. Featuring a narrow beam for flexible installations in existing vessel openings – or non-intrusively through plastic vessels, it is good for measurement of any range between zero and 26ft.

The system comes with a friendly cloud interface that allows you to log in and view your remote analytical assets at any time. The dashboard provides you with a view & trending of your remote analytical measurements. You may also set key Hi or Low alarm points on your measurements that can easily notify the operator by way of text or email if a critical condition exists.

The base system comes standard with one (1) level sensor input and one (1) digital input.

The digital input can detect on/off status or frequencies up to 2kHz. The analog input can be set to 1-5Vdc or 4-20mA and powered by the built-in battery pack.

The cloud interface includes our 1+1 dashboard, which includes one year of historical trends and one year of Verizon cell/dashboard service.

There is no programming necessary to retrieve the data from Level Ranger. Simply log into your account and your data will immediately show up on your personal dashboard. From there, you can assign users that will receive alarms based on the measurement of the sensors.

Level Ranger is also available for an optional 3+3 dashboard which includes 3 years of historical trends and 3 years of Verizon cell/dashboard service.

Features & Applications


  • Battery powered level management system
  • Non-contact level sensor included with Bluetooth capability – measurement up to 26ft
  • Built-in cellular alarm dialer via text or email
  • Management cloud dashboard for data logging


  • Chemicals:
    • Small vessels containing raw materials
  • General Industries:
    • Automotive, plastics, electronics, power
    • Inventory management of raw materials
    • Liquids and solids
  • Mining/Aggregate:
    • Inventory Management
    • Stacker conveyor piles
    • Crusher level control
    • Bins feeding crusher
  • Remote Sites:
    • Water management and reporting
    • CSO
    • Low power demands, solar battery-powered sites

Technical Specifications

  • Input Power:
    • Four 3.6Vdc D size Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries
    • Optional solar power
    • Optional 120VAC power
  • Input/Output:
    • Input: 1 Digital Input report state, total counts, frequency (2kHz max), volume total with K Factor
    • 1 Analog Input (1-5Vdc or 4-20mA) configurable for flow totalizing mode
  • Operating Temperature -40 to +185°F (-40 to 85°C)
  • Humidity 0% – 100% condensing
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 years
  • Data Interface: LTE CAT M1 MQTT
  • Cellular Radio Power: 23dBm
  • Antenna Type: LTE w/ Internal GPS
  • Enclosure: Industrial polycarbonate UV Rated; IP64
  • Electrical Connection: Pluggable push in terminal block for sensors Local Micro-USB Configuration Port
  • Weight: 3lbs (≈1.4kg)



Data Sheet

Level Ranger Data Sheet