Product Lines

Analytical Technologies
Water Quality Monitors for Chlorine, Conductivity, PH, Ammonia, Fluoride.

Bacharach offers innovative solutions for precision instrumentation that makes HVAC-R safer, cleaner, and more energy efficient. Through over 100 years of innovation, Bacharach is proud to provide customers with clean-tech solutions for gas and refrigerant leak detection, combustion and emissions analysis instrumentation, and energy management for commercial and industrial applications.

Dwyer Instruments
Known for quality, reliability and accuracy, Dwyer designs and manufactures a full-line of level controllers, data loggers, gauges, manometers, monitors, remote displays, switches, transmitters, and accessories to measure, monitor and control level, flow, pressure, air velocity, flow, fan pressure, duct, and more.

Universal Flow Monitors
Universal Flow Monitors is now a DwyerOmega product brand. Focused on manufacturing variable flow switches for the automotive, concrete, defense, chemical processing, mining, wastewater, energy, electronics, laboratories, and medical sectors, among others. Universal Flow Monitors is known for its products' simple and robust design, as well as its commitment to providing excellent customer service and ensuring high-quality standards.

Now a part of Dwyer, Omega Engineering provides unparalleled sensing, control and monitoring expertise to the world, connecting challenges to solutions. 

ECOM offers a wide range of products, from industry leading portable emissions analyzers to convenient and easy to use HVAC tools. An industry leader for over 28 years, ECOM Products have been at the forefront of innovation and technology. Solid German engineering and attention to detail ensure that in any application, your measurements are accurate and reliable.

Entech Design
Continuous Sludge Level Measurement & Filter Backwash Analyzers.

ITT Neo-Dyn
Neo-Dyn provides a myriad of industrial and aerospace products such as compact adjustable switches, pressure switches, hazardous area switches, vacuum switches, temperature switches.

Moore Industries
When you need to interface field processes with computer-based systems, readout equipment and other instrumentation... our signal conditioners, temperature sensors & transmitters, distributed I/Ofieldbus products, service and experience help you do it.

Suspended solids sensors and monitors.

Siemens Process Analytics
Siemens offers a comprehensive range of products and systems for process and quality optimization. Our world-class products for process analytics include continuous gas analyzers for stand-alone and system solutions as well as process gas chromatographs. From single analysis devices to system solutions, Siemens offers a wide range of innovative and proven devices for the most diverse applications.

Siemens Process Instrumentation
Siemens brings you an innovative portfolio of process instruments for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement, as well as a wide range of continuous weighing products. Pneumatic valve positioners, process controllers and recorders, and process protection devices complete the package. Our versatile technologies meet the needs of diverse applications across all of the process industries -- including oil and gas, chemical, water and wastewater, power and many more.

Teledyne Analytical Instruments
Teledyne designs and manufactures sensors, gas and liquid analyzers, and custom systems which combine over 50 years of expertise in electronics, chemistry and engineering.

Teledyne Hastings Instruments
Teledyne Hastings Instruments is a trusted manufacturer of a wide range of quality ​Vacuum Instruments and Gas Mass Flow Instruments.

VorTek Instruments
VorTek Instruments is a manufacturer of precision multivariable flowmeters for the measurement of liquid, gas, steam and energy. Through the innovative use of technology, they offer customers quality, reliability, accuracy, durability, and outstanding product economics regardless of pipe size, fluid type, or flow rate.

Winters Instruments manufactures quality built pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, transmitters, switches and accessories for all markets that require pressure and temperature measurement.

Bestobell Steam
Steam Traps.

CheckAll Valve
Flanged, Insert, NPT Check Valves.

Hex Valve
Instrument & Block n Bleed Valves.

Hughes Safety
Hughes Safety have been at the forefront of emergency safety shower, eye/face wash and decontamination equipment manufacturing for 50 years. Built on a solid foundation of design and engineering excellence they provide customized industrial safety shower solutions to suit all applications, in all industry sectors and environments.

ITT Conoflow
Regulators, Actuators, Positioners, Transducers and Diaphragm Seals.

Jordan Valve
Pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, temperature regulators.

Low Flow Valve
Fractional Low Flow control valves and regulators.

Macromatic designs and manufactures industrial control and monitoring products that control electrical processes and monitor power for damaging fault conditions. Macromatic products are used in water/waste water, pump and motor control, irrigation, oil and gas, HVACR, material handling, lifts and elevator and other systems requiring process control and protection.

Marwin Valve
Marwin Valve is a leading manufacturer of high quality quarter-turn ball valves and automated accessories.

Siemens Medium Voltage AC Drives
Unmatched for engineering excellence, our medium voltage drives provide unparalleled levels of dynamics and performance. We offer systems in voltage classes from 2.3 kV to 7.2 kV, MV drives delivering ranges from 150 kW to 120 MW at motor speeds from 10-15,0000 min-1 as well as SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY and SINAMICS MV converters that are suitable for single or multi-axis drives.

Steriflow Valve
Sanitary regulators, back pressure regulators, control valves and steam traps.

Industrial Networking including Ethernet switches, wireless AP, Serial.

GE Industrial Wireless
GE provides industrially hardened communications networks for leading industrial and energy companies. Our industrial communications solutions include a broad range of high quality industrial wireless routers and modems, cellular 4G routers and gateways, hardened optical networks, multiplexers, broadband power line solutions, and Ethernet switches and converters, as well as a full portfolio of professional services, training and accessories.

Ovarro is the new name for Servelec Technologies and Primayer. Their technology continues to monitor and control critical, national infrastructure throughout the world. Ovarro works with customers across Water, Oil & Gas, Broadcast and Transportation to manage their assets efficiently, intelligently and collaboratively. Secure, proven, trusted engineering. Integrating seamlessly with your assets. Collecting and communicating data from remote locations in the most demanding of environments.

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry
The SignalFire wireless platform is offered with 900Mhz or with LTE-M1 for flexibility and cost effectiveness. The architecture provides for long-range wireless networks designed for remote monitoring and control in challenging outdoor environments. The nodes are integrated with a variety of sensors to work with level, pressure, temperature and flow meters, as well as offering critical asset control of valves, pumps, fans, heaters and an array of other devices.

Siemens RuggedCom
The RUGGEDCOM WIN series is the first broadband wireless product portfolio for private networks to deliver the benefits of carrier-grade 4G technology to critical infrastructure applications deployed in harsh environments.

Point-to-point microwave links distance-engineered for demanding applications.