Affiliate Companies

Ritec Environmental

RITEC Environmental is a leading northeast supplier of water quality monitors, process instrumentation, and industry specific appliances for municipal, private, and industrial water and wastewater treatment clients.

Loopback Systems Inc. is a software and appliance development company servicing the utility, industrial, and OEM marketplace. Our products are designed for clients that have a need to remotely access data, track metrics, provide analytics, control equipment and monitor alarms.

The Loopback ecosystem works with all communication technologies and provides customers with industry specific appliances to accomplish these tasks.

RITEC Wireless

RITEC Wireless has provided design and services, along with packaged communication enclosures, to industrial wireless networks for 20 years.

We provide wireless design and testing services for electric, municipal, and gas utility clients in distribution automation and SCADA projects.

Our offering includes kitting and fulfillment services for customers that would like to roll out large scale deployments for their remote assets. This includes packaged industrial communication enclosures for this type of equipment.

No Bleed

Sullivan Associates is a leading New England Distributor of peristaltic chemical feed pumps, inventory weigh scales, chlorine residual monitoring, and process instrumentation.

pemco logo solo

PEMCO (Process and Energy Measurement Corporation) Provides measurement, control and communication products and services to the process industry, power generation & HVAC markets in New York, Northern New Jersey and New England.

Specializing in ultrasonic flow measurement.