Wireless Networks

Since 2001, RITEC has provided industrial private wireless infrastructure products and services to utility companies and municipalities that have a need to remotely access data, control equipment, and monitor alarms.

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We focus on providing affordable solutions for large or small volume wireless deployments for licensed or unlicensed infrastructure. We help you find the best fit for your application that meets your technical criteria and budget.

Our facility in Rochester, New York, is set up to for fulfillment and logistical services, including custom kitting, packaged enclosures, and antennas and accessories for your installation.

Our staff can assist you through every phase of building your private infrastructure. This includes computer propagation analysis and field RF testing to determine the feasibility of deploying a wireless system.

Our support staff can perform a variety of configuration services and training assistance for clients that have a need for a large-scale deployment and minimizing field implementation.

  • Pilot projects to work out scope and application details in a simulation environment
  • Change management products designed to assist you in managing and monitoring wireless network

We manufacture packaged field enclosures for deployment in outdoor locations. These systems include UPS/battery backup of various sizes to meet your application.