Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN5100 Broadband Wireless Subscriber Unit

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Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN5100 is a broadband wireless subscriber unit, compliant with the IEEE 802.16e standard, with external RF connectors for use in fixed or mobile applications in harsh environments. The self-learning subscriber device automatically detects the base station on the best signal available, allowing for plug and play installation and maintenance-free operation. The WIN5100 comes with external antenna connectors and can be ordered with an optional 10-30VDC input.

Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN5100 Datasheet

Product Features & Specs:

  • Mobile WiMAX compliance based on IEEE 802.16e standard and WiMAX Forum Wave 2 Profiles
  • 2 N-type antenna connectors for rooftop antenna connection
  • Excellent performance in NLOS conditions – overcoming multipath and deep fading, providing extended range and easy installation
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) – allowing for optimal network deployment, tight frequency reuse, and interference avoidance
  • Numerous applications and services – guaranteed voice, video, and data services based on advanced QoS
  • Robust hardware supporting -40°C to +75°C temperature range
  • Designed for vehicular, cabinet or pole tope installations


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