Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN5200 Broadband Wireless Subscriber Unit

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Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN5200 is a broadband wireless subscriber unit, compliant with the IEEE 802.16e standard, with a built-in directional antenna for use in harsh environments. The WIN5200 greatly simplifies installation with LEDs for signal strength alignment, automatic connection to strongest serving base station and automated service provisioning, based on authentication credentials.Specifically designed for point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access applications, the WIN5200 provides efficient use of the wireless spectrum, supporting a range of applications.

Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN5200 Datasheet

Product Features & Specs:

  • Mobile-WiMAX compliance based on IEEE 802.16e standard and WiMAX Forum Wave 2 Profiles
  • High Gain Integrated Antenna
  • Excellent performance in NLOS conditions – overcoming multi path and deep fading, providing extended range and easy installation
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) allowing for optimal network deployment, tight frequency reuse, and interference avoidance
  • Numerous applications and services – guaranteed voice, video and data services based on advanced QoS
  • Low cost of ownership through simple installation and demand-based build-out, enabling operators to rapidly penetrate new market segments with minimal CAPEX
  • Robust hardware supporting -40°C to +75°C operating temperature range
  • Over one million hours mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Single cable Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Wide frequency band support for deployments around the world