Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN7200 Private Wireless Broadband Base Station

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Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN7200 is a lightweight broadband wireless base station, compliant with the IEEE 802.16e standard, designed for use in unlicensed or lightly licensed frequency bands in harsh environments. The WIN7200 is a single sector lightweight base station that can be easily installed on poles, street lamps or walls, and provides connectivity to fixed or mobile end points. Connected via a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection and easily provisioned, the WIN7200 reduces operational cost and complexity. The WIN7200 system is powered by OFDMA radio technology, which is robust in adverse channel conditions and enables Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) operation. Leveraging link adaptation algorithms, modulation and coding are continuously adapted to prevailing link conditions, ensuring an optimal balance between robustness and efficiency.

Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN7200 Datasheet

Product Features & Specs:

  • Mobile WiMAX compliance based on IEEE 802.16e standard and WiMAX Forum Wave2 (MIMO) certification
  • Support of worldwide private wireless broadband deployments in the 2.X GHz, 3.X GHz, 4.9 GHz,and 5.8 GHz band
  • Adaptive modulation: to optimize throughput and facilitate performance robustness
  • Ecosystem compatibility with any RUGGEDCOM WIN product or 802.16e standard compliant private wireless network equipment
  • Long range: transmit and receive diversity combined with high power for improved reach and NLOS performance.
  • High bandwidth: RUGGEDCOM WIN has two built-in radios operating on the same frequency simultaneously (MIMO) to increase bandwidth (up to 40Mbps) and spectral efficiency.
  • Lowest frequency use: leverages OFDMA and built in GPS to enable users to deploy an entire network on a single frequency channel.
  • Usage models: designed to support long range connections to fixed, portable and mobile end points, supporting vehicular speed seamless mobility and backhaul mode.
  • Quality of service: RUGGEDCOM WIN gives the user the ability to separate traffic types over the air and guarantee latency, minimum bandwidth and jitter according to application needs.
  • Rugged form factor: RUGGEDCOM WIN is an all outdoor rugged form factor enabling flexible deployment options. RUGGEDCOM products are designed for use in harsh environments such as those found in electrical power substations, oil refineries, military applications, roadside traffic control cabinets and metals and minerals processing.
  • Standalone architecture: commercial broadband wireless equipment requires an entire network infrastructure to be in place including a specialized mobile router called an ASN gateway, which acts as a central point for all network traffic. This infrastructure can be very costly and complex to implement. Siemens has developed a mode which does require this heavy infrastructure but maintains the interoperability and technology advances of broadband wireless.
  • More secure: RUGGEDCOM WIN has many built-in features to ensure NERC CIP compliance such as two factor mutual authentication, AES encryption and message integrity protection using CMAC.


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